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I saw the acronym PEO on your site, what does that stand for and how do PEO’s work?

PEO stands for Professional Employer Organization. Professional Employer Organizations are a cost effective resource for employers to utilize and manage human resources, employee benefits, as well as payroll and workers compensation in an integrated manner. The employees of your company become employees of the PEO, but only on paper. In actuality, you still manage your employees on a daily basis the same as before. As the owner, you maintain complete control over the employees at all times. Professional Employer Organizations handle your payroll processing and provide you with workers compensation. In comparison to obtaining insurance on your own, you can leave a PEO arrangement without penalty. Each PEO will vary regarding how much notice they require for termination.

Can you explain PEO’s a little further?

There are many benefits in utilizing a Professional Employer Organization. One of the biggest advantages is that employers can receive human resource assistance with regard to managing employment law compliance–which gets updated quite frequently. If employers do not keep up with employment law changes, they are susceptible to liabilities and large penalties.

Is Niroc Consultants a PEO?

No. Adam Corin of Niroc Consultants is an Independent Broker representing many of the most respected PEO’s in the industry. The benefit that Adam brings is his ability to take your company information and bring you multiple PEO quotes at once. Adam’s background in the PEO industry includes over 7 years of managing the workers’ compensation underwriting and pricing on all new and existing business for a PEO operating nation-wide. Let Adam and Niroc Consultants review your current costs and send you a free quote with several options in the PEO industry. There is absolutely no obligation.

How do Independent Brokers, such as Niroc Consultants, help small to mid-size business save money?

Third-party companies have relationships in place with various service providers. Based upon a transactional history, third-party partners are more likely to receive incentives and discounts to do business with their strategic vendor alliances. Additionally, third-party partners have a multitude of relationships with vendors already in place. How does that work for a business owner? The third-party partner is able to obtain multiple quotes for a service and provide you with the most cost-effective. In the end, that saves a business owner from researching vendors and negotiating pricing on their own.

So, overall what is the benefit of working with a PEO rather than handling business operations on my own?

Overall, when working with a PEO, employers gain access to professional human resource personnel, quality benefit offerings, improved operational efficiencies, and a higher level of employee satisfaction, and loyalty. PEO’s can help reduce turn over which will allow your business to provide consistency to your customers, reduce the amount of time spent rehiring and minimize the cost of training new staff.

What information is required to work with Niroc Consutlants, Inc.?

We do, however, need information from you. If you are ready to take the next step in saving your business time and money, simply contact us for a loss history affidavit and request for proposal.

Why is this information required in order for me to explore your business solutions?

Using a third-party firm to help you shop for the best solution possible is a great alternative. As the business owner, you will be able to remain focused on revenue-generating activities while our company works to obtain the best time and cost savings solutions for you. In order to obtain quotes on workers' compensation and employee leasing services, we do need to collect your historical data upfront. By providing us with all of the information in the quote process, we can ensure a timely transaction and obtain quotes for you in less than one week.**